Integrative Medicine: What is it? Why Should We Learn About it?

Today with all the health issues we have, some of which are: obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, cancer, pain, and inflammation, and the list seems to go on and on. Additionally, our current health care system isn’t helping us get well or improving our condition. We need to look at something else that fits our needs and accomplishes real, meaningful healthcare.
As someone interested in this subject, just like I’m sure you are – I was very impressed when I saw a video recently. The video is an interview where Dr. Rob Sinnot, a noted scientist and researcher, interviewed Dr. Mimi Guarneri, who is a trained cardiologist, and the head of a new Integrative Medical Facility.
They spoke about health care today and showed that it is not really health care, but sick or disease care.
Dr. Guarneri spoke about integrating all the medical modalities- western medicine, eastern medicine, Chinese medicine, using food and exercise as medicine, and achieving a better balance with these combined.
Yes, she said people should have a stent put in if needed, or a by-pass if that was what the situation called for, but she indicated that it is time for preventative measures.
What I hope you do today is read this material and decide where you stand.
Do you feel that something is lacking in our health care?
In the United States, we spend more money than any country on the face of the earth. Is our health in the first place? Do you know where we are listed in health?
Are we well? Or are we just managing our sickness with drugs and prescriptions?
There are many things to consider, and this material is meant to help us be Aware and think. Then decide what you want to do.
Be informed and then choose.
We do hope you find this informative.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Dr. Guarnieri, a noted cardiologist and now a proponent of Integrative Medicine, says that Integrative Medicine is the blending of the best of both worlds of western allopathic medicine as well as with Global traditions from around the world. It embraces the concept that food is medicine, using modalities of acupuncture, which is Chinese medicine, might teach people to meditate, or do Yoga. They might use nutriceuticals. Dr. Guarneri was trained with pharmaceuticals, surgery, and treatments. These are all used to diagnose and treat disease, of course, after people were already is.
She stated that what integrative Medicine brings to the table is completing the circle of care. With an emphasis on prevention, concepts that food is medicine, that neutraceuticals are medicine, that exercise is medicine, including dealing with mind/body issues, like stress, anger hostility. The effect of Integrative is a much more comprehensive, holistic approach. It is treating the whole person, mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Dr. Mimi Guarneri’s Training

Dr. Guarneri was trained as a Cardiologist-She put about 700 plus stents in a year. At the time, this was all she did. Since she was taught to diagnose and treat cardiovascular patients after they were already quite ill, she began to look at her patients and wondered what can we do to prevent this condition from happening. We need Prevention.
What a concept in cardiovascular disease or any other disease for that matter!
She didn’t like the term alternative medicine, which infers that you either use natural therapies or you use Western Medicine, where never the twain shall meet-because sometimes they must meet. She said, sometimes you need a stent, sometimes you need a by-pass, these are life-saving when they are needed. But, what we really needed was the preventative means to head these off before they occurred -if possible.
Integrative Medicine is a means of bridging both worlds together to really offer true health care, not only sick care like we offer today. Integrative Medicine is the perfect term for what we are trying to accomplish. It means having the best in allopathic medicine and the best of global traditions from around the world, and the focus can be on prevention.

Now Let’s Forecast our Future Health-Care System

Dr. Guarneri expects this interrogative Medicine to be the entire whelm of medicine one day and expects it just to be called medicine.
February 2009 The Institute of Medicine hosted an Interrogative Medicine Summit, involving all these different aspects of health, which was pretty remarkable and open-minded on their part, which was to be commended. They considered Interrogative Medicine as a solution to the country’s current health care crisis.
Yes, we realize that we have a crisis of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, pain, and inflammation, actually the list is endless.
The question is: Do we keep doing health care the same old way, wait for people to breakdown, or do we change the way we practice.

Health is Maintained by-Great- Nutrition

As we’ve already discussed — we have a crisis of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, pain, and inflammation, actually, the list is endless.
The question is: Do we keep doing health care the same old way, wait for people to breakdown, or do we change the way we practice healthcare?
Do we become proactive?
Do we empower people to take responsibility for their health?
When you have the proper research, when it is evidenced-based or specific studies for certain products, then you and I know specifically what will work to maintain our health.
I don’t know about you but, I read lots of data that makes sense, but what makes the best sense to me is to try it and see if it works for me. I use what works. I do use science-backed whole food nutrition.

How is Dr. Guarneri promoting Integrative Health?

Here, Dr. Guarneri tells us we must use what works.
Sometimes it is necessary to use surgery, but prevention is so important.
I use many naturals wellness principles.
I also use great nutritional supplements. My favorite science-backed nutrition.
Now, when someone like myself uses integrative medicine, you probably wouldn’t be very impressed, so let’s look at someone else.
I’m talking about Dr. Ben Carson. Now Dr. Carson is a very famous doctor, and it’s for an excellent reason.
He is the first brain surgeon to ever separate congoined twins, at least successfully.
Not only that, but he has continued to save many, many other lives.
  • He is so well known that 20/20 focused on him as one of the top 20 doctors in a Special on important doctors.
  • Has been Maryland’s Person of the Year.
  • Has various charities to help young people reach their capacity & dreams
  • He is someone who can impress you. Not only that, but we have access to anything and everything in the way of healing. They are at his fingertips.
So, when Dr. Carson developed cancer, he not only used the best in standard treatment, but he integrated it with the best in nutrition also.
His result? His health was restored.
His nutrition of choice happens to be mine also, as it is backed by evidenced-based science.